Halbrendt wines are crafted from handpicked estate grapes and locally sourced fruit. Made in small batches and coaxed to express the unique character and climate of Pennsylvania’s South Mountain Region. We hope that you come visit and enjoy our scenic vineyard and artisan wine as one of the life’s little pleasures.

White Wines

Chardonnay. Dry. Touch of citrus on the nose and hint of melon on the palate. Finishes with lasting notes of lime zest. Pairs well with seafood, pork and poultry recipes that have cream and butter base. $18.99

Vidal Blanc. Dry. *Out of Stock* Crisp with floral notes and a hint of melon and pear. Pairs well with seafood, chicken, spicy cuisine and sharp cheeses. $15.99

Traminette. Dry. Subtle sweetness, hints of citrus and tropical flavors with spice aroma. Smooth dry finish. $17.99.

Harvest MoonDry. Aged Cayuga White with plenty of character. Fresh flavor of melon and citrus, smooth finish. $16.99

Philosophy. Semi Dry *Temporarily Out of Stock* Blend of Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White and Traminette. A fresh and lively wine that reveals aromas of white stone fruits and citrus. Light floral notes balanced by crisp acidity and vibrant finish. Pairs well with your favorite indulgent foods. $14.99. 

Vineyard Nektar. Semi Sweet. Cayuga White blended with a touch of Niagara. Delicate hints of citrus and a smooth candied lemon rind finish. $16.99

Sweet Dreams. Semi Sweet. *Temporarily Out of Stock* Blend of Traminette, Cayuga, Vidal Blanc. Soft hints of pear layered with a smooth citrus finish. $14.99

Aurora. Semi Sweet/Sweet. Crisp Cayuga White, well balanced acidity, and hints of citrus and pear. Pairs well with sharp cheeses, light creamy pasta dishes, and chicken dishes. $14.99. 

Case discount 10% OFF; 1/2 case 5% OFF. 

Red Wine

Cabernet Franc. Dry. Boldly oaked with spicy notes of pepper, clove and black currants. Pairs well with lamb, beef, venison, tomato-based dishes and full flavored food. Vintner’s favorite. $21.99

Chambourcin. Dry. Medium-bodied with a clean finish. Hints of dark cherry, plum and blackberry. Pairs well with tomato and pasta dishes, fine cheeses, barbecue and burgers. $20.99

Rosé, Semi Dry. This refreshing semi-sweet blush is made from Chambourcin. Aromas of flowers and fruit are balanced by crisp acidity. Pairs well with a wide range of culinary delights from pizza, tomato based pasta, summer seafood favorite or grilled garden vegetables to a hearty, cool weather meals such as seasoned pulled pork and chicken. $18.99

Frisky Blush, Semi Sweet.  Chambourcin, refreshing, fruity, smooth finish. $15.99

Fireside Red, Semi SweetCabernet Franc and Chambourcin blend, deep ruby red, jammy fruit flavor, smooth plum and black cherry sparkly finish. Perfect for Sangria and Spiced Wine. $18.99

Case discount 10% OFF; 1/2 case 5% OFF. 

Fruit Wines

My Cherry Amour, Semi-Dry. *Temporarily Out of Stock* 100% Cherry, fruity, hint of cinnamon. Versatile wine can be served with a meal or with dark chocolate as dessert. $17.99

Blackberry, Semi Sweet. 100% Blackberry, pairs well with desserts, chocolate and blue cheese. $21.99.

Cherry Bomb, Sweet. Cherry, and fruity, pairs well with chocolate, dessert. $16.99