Chardonnay. Dry. This has a touch of citrus on the nose and a hint of melon on the palate.  It finishes with lasting notes of a lime zest. Pairs well with seafood, pork and poultry recipes that have cream and butter base. $17.99

Vidal Blanc. Dry. This is crisp with floral notes and a hint of melon and pear.  Pairs well with seafood, chicken, spicy cuisine and sharp cheeses. $15.99

Traminette. Dry. Subtle sweetness, hints of citrus and tropical flavors with spice aroma. $16.99.

Harvest Moon. New Release. Dry. Fresh flavor of melon and citrus, smooth finish.  $15.99

Philosophy, Semi Dry. This is a blend made from Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White and Traminette. This fresh and lively wine reveals aromas of white stone fruits, and citrus complemented by light floral notes and balanced by crisp acidity ending with a vibrant finish.  Pairs well with your favorite richly flavored foods. $14.99.

Vineyard Nektar,  Semi Sweet. Cayuga White and Niagara hints of citrus and candied lemon rind, smooth finish. $15.99

Sweet Dreams, Semi Sweet.  Blend of Traminette, Cayuga, Vidal Blanc, hints of pear and smooth citrus finish. $14.99

Aurora, Semi Sweet / Sweet. This is made from Cayuga White. It is crisp, semi-sweet with a good balance of acidity, and hints of citrus and pear. Pairs well with sharp cheeses, light creamy pasta dishes, and chicken dishes. $13.99. SOLD OUT.  Temporarily out stock.

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