Summer is almost over, the grapes are ripening and expecting to do our first harvest of Cayuga White in the first or second week end of September.

We have been busy. We bottled the first batch of wine.  Thanks to the big help of the Halbrendts crew – Nikki and JD together with our friends – Tim and Sharon Baker.  We made it and we ironed out some of the bottling bugs.



Summer’s End — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Halbrendt Family 🙂
    Found this page today, so wonderful to see both you and the vineyard 🙂
    Wishing you all a happy, happy summer 🙂
    Big hugs from Norway <3

    • Hello Iren,
      The Halbrendts are so happy and thrilled to hear from Norway. We apologize for not responding to you as just saw your post today. Our website is still under construction and plan to start working on it again as work in the vineyard slowing down for a while.
      Likewise big HUGS from the Halbrendts gang- John (winemaker), Noemi (vineyard manager), Nicole Marie and John Derek (vineyard crew and winery assistants).